Outdoor Living

The breezy, elevated outdoor living space at 218 will quickly become your favorite feature of the property. The granite patio table includes seating for eight under the umbrella, under the blue sky or under the stars.


Whether you are lounging on the deck under the large shade tree or taking in the sun you are sure to find peace and relaxation at 218.


Bird watching from the point of the deck will quickly be on of your favorite pass times. Fill the feeders and watch cardinals, painted buntings, blue jays, red-headed woodpeckers and eastern bluebirds come visit. Lounge at the point and enjoy blue herons, geese and even buzzards fly-by overhead.

You really don’t understand how magical sunsets in all the Texas seasons are until you get to live them first hand. You will enjoy nature’s painting every night in the canopy of your own treehouse.

After sunset, you will experience the lake at night. You will see stars as they are meant to be experienced away from the city and enjoy the cycle of the moon with child-like awe.

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